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What's new in 2022? We still haven't built a hogan out of the cardboard bales we got at our local grocery store. If you do please take pictures as you go along. The bales are about 2.5' thick so ought to make good insulation.

Hi. my name is David Royer. I am a Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor in Norwood Colorado, and my company is called San Miguel Engineering. Over the decades while driving in the Kayenta-Tuba City-Cameron Arizona area I was intrigued by the hogans I saw along the road.

Then in October 2002, while driving through the Navajo Nation near Chinle Arizona, I was inspired to start building hogans. Since then our design has evolved into the post and beam frame using rigid steel brackets that you see on these pages. Using these brackets with standard 4x4s and 2x rafters, a small crew can put up a strong and versatile eight-sided building frame in a day with much less labor and a better result than other methods I've tried or have seen. You then build the walls and roof out of whatever materials you want to use.

Our desire is to provide you with the system to build excellent and intelligent buildings to meet your needs. Please contact us if you think we have a product that can help you.

May 24, 2008 Comments

Over the past few years, I've thought about changing the name of our product to something other than E-Z Hogan because a number of customers and ourselves have found that it is not easy making our homes and buildings. I admit that it isn't easy to build an eight-sided building unless you have the skills and tools to do so. It is a lot of work, no-matter how you do it. However, the fastest and easiest way I know of to construct an eight-sided structural building is by using these brackets. Granted, those doing the work need to have basic construction skills, but that is only to be expected to build a structure such as this. Most importantly, the builder must understand and apply the concepts of accurately measuring, leveling, and plumbing the work. That will go further toward making the job go smoothly than anything else. Next is knowing that despite our best efforts, the building won't be perfectly symmetrical. For one thing, lumber isn't perfectly straight, and our work isn't perfect either. It can, however, be built to acceptable tolerances with reasonable effort.

So what's my point in all this? With a few basic skills and tools, you can construct a sturdy and cost-efficient building frame with minimal labor. It may or may not be "easy" for you, depending on your construction skills and tools available. It may be best for you to hire someone to put it up for you. Nevertheless, many people, usually with friends and family, can do it themselves. As far as I know, this method is as easy and structurally sound as it gets.

August 14, 2019

People continue to build hogans and octagonal buildings using our brackets. The state where the most have been built is New Mexico, followed by Arizona, then Colorado. Some other places they have been built are Texas, Maine, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia in Canada, Panama, Australia, Hawaii, Utah, and Washington. If I didn't include your state where you built one on this list please let me know!