Solexx Greenhouse Plastic

Hi, we sell Solexx Greenhouse Plastic.

10 year UV Warranty.  The Solexx we’ve had out in the sun for 4 years looks the same now as it did when we put it to use.  Others have said the same about it after 10-15 years.

We can give you a price quote.  MSRP for 49.5″ x 99″ (4′ x 8′ nominal dimension) 3.5 mm thick panels is $52.09.  Price for 4′ x 8′ 5 mm panels is $66.56.

Save yourself time (=money) by putting up plastic only once instead of over and over again.  Also has R-2 or better insulation value, unlike single wall plastic.

For more info see the Solexx website at




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