Tell us where you want us to display the building system

We are scheduling road trips for the year

People are busy building hogans in AZ and NM

Current and Recent Arizona hogan projects near Sanders, Wheatfields, Keams Canyon, & St. Michaels.

Current and Recent New Mexico hogan projects near Pueblo Pintado and Torreon.

Brackets shipped to Oahu, Hawaii

I can’t think of a better place to build an E-Z Hogan!

Latest projects in Shiprock & Crownpoint, NM; Pinion, Sweetwater, & Chinle, AZ; and Kiowa, CO area

Now’s the time to get your hogan brackets to do your project too!

Want to deliver to Alaska or on the road between Colorado and Alaska

Am trying to make multiple sales in Alaska so I can deliver/do set-ups/ get to see Alaska!  The more brackets I take, the lower the delivery price will be on each one.  So if you are in Alaska or are between Colorado and Alaska and are interested, please contact me.  Thanks, David

E-Z Hogan brackets being used/soon to be used in Seattle, WA area, Naturita, CO; Arroyo Hondo, NM; Farmington, NM; Ellsworth, Maine; Glenevis, Alberta; Crawford, CO & Darien Gap, Panama

Including a sauna, a sweat lodge, and a beach house.

E-Z Hogan frame near Cottonwood, AZ, 2015 pictures

image1 (Small)Kroening (Small)

New E-Z Hogans to be built near Chinle and Pinion AZ, May 2015 No message

E-Z Hogan with lots of glass in Texas

I may have put this picture up before. Looks like it will be a lovely place to live when done.

Glass house in Texas

Glass house in Texas

25′ diameter display frame put up in Norwood, CO

A couple weeks ago I put up the frame, mostly by myself. Have since used the roof ring as a hoisting point to pull an 1100 lb diesel engine, and lift the front end of a Jeep off the ground for fun. Plan to rig the Jeep and lift the whole thing off the ground. With sheathing on the roof and with walls it would be much stronger but the frame is plenty strong by itself. If in the area come see it. DavidEZRoyBAlex47Chev53 003

EZRoyBAlex47Chev53 006

EZRoyBAlex47Chev53 009

EZRoyBAlex47Chev53 012

EZRoyBAlex47Chev53 014

EZRoyBAlex47Chev53 018

EZRoyBAlex47Chev53 019

EZApril2015 002

EZApril2015 005