Welcome To Our Website!, August 2018

This website provides information on the E-Z Hogan.
Inspired by the simplicity and utility of the traditional Navajo hogan, we make and provide products to make it easier for you to build your own 8-sided building. Our current focus is on building and selling to you, our customers, hogan bracket kits that enable a crew to put up an 8-sided building frame in a day.
Using our patented brackets and standard lumber, you can build a strong, versatile, and cost-effective building frame very quickly. The roof ring has a hole through the middle of it for a chimney or can be left open for a ceremonial fire on the ground. You can see pictures of the building frames during and after assembly on the pictures page. We have listed a few of the ways to use an E-Z hogan on our uses page. We'd like to hear how you use yours.
Our products and this website are works in progress. We strive to adopt better ideas whenever feasible. We welcome your input. We built our first hogan prototype in November 2002 and have been striving to better our products ever since.
If you would like to call for an appointment, ask questions, or are interested in becoming a dealer, please contact us.

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